Balancing My Priorities and Goals

Just acknowledging that your life has become unbalanced and re-evaluating your priorities isn’t enough. Finding the right ways that work for you to make sure that your priorities are in check and goals are met helps you keep your life balanced. A couple weeks, I noticed that I needed to re-evaluated my priorities and goalsRead more

SAHM Life Changed Me!

I knew that as humans we change but I didn’t realize how much I have changed since becoming a stay at home mom 2 1/2 years ago. I almost gave up being a Stay at home mom to my oldest when I was dealing with Postpartum Depression but I am mighty glad that I didn’tRead more

1 Week Update!!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links  to This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too! Hey Family, I thought it would be great for meRead more

Our Family Has Grown!

Hey Everyone, Last week we added a new member of the family and no its not a puppy. The newest member sleeps, poops, and eats a lot. On Thursday April 18th we had our little boy Jake. I waited 9 long months to meet this little man!  I will say that we are adjusting a littleRead more

FabFitFun Unboxing

Have you ever wondered if it it is worth ordering one of those subscription boxes, paying the price that is stamped on there to get some goodies. I decided to try the FabFitFun subscription box that comes four times a year. So lets dive right into this Box and see what i got and itRead more