Saying No To Winter Blues

I don’t like the cold weather but this year I am going to enjoy this weather! Winter in Wisconsin physically last for about 5 months of the year,give or take. As it takes up the majority of the year I believe that I need to start enjoying the cold weather season. I had some badRead more

Limit Spending

I have two things in my life that I have been struggling with daily both which have gotten out of control and showed me that I have no self-discipline. At this moment I am working on both but one was a challenge kinda set by my husband which was the no spending money. I askedRead more

Meal Planning, Everything I do for Success

My husband never heard of meal planning until I started doing it after my son was born. I stumbled across it when I was trying to find ways to be a good stay at home mom. I was intrigued at the thought but felt that I wouldn’t be able to stick to a meal plan.Read more

Cleaning My Kitchen!

I am standing in the mess of a kitchen. Oh the anxiety of cleaning such a mess. I am about ready to tackle it. I don’t seem to cook a healthy meal in a dirty kitchen. I feel more stressed and can’t seem to tackle the rest of the day. I feel guilty as myRead more

Homemaking: What the Summer Lacked and Gained

Its almost school time which means that its technically fall about to start. The weather here in Wisconsin is getting cooler which I am not ready for. What I am ready for is to get back into the groove of things. This past summer many things have gotten either out of control, forgotten or pushedRead more