I Finished Burn BootCamp

I finished my time at Burn Boot Camp and I did say that I would talk about it all. Well I will like to be honest as possible about everything between my experience, thoughts, and progress. I did contemplate the idea of doing this blog post because I felt that maybe it was just worthRead more

3 Weeks at Burn!

I am onto four weeks at Burn Bootcamp! I did say that I was going to talk about my experience, how I am feeling and the changes that has happened.I did write on how my first day experience what to expect when you go to Burn. 1st Week- I started on a Friday with a aRead more

Burn Bootcamp

I felt the burn and man did it feel great. I took the plunge and signed up for burn boot camp and I am very happy with my decision. Today was the New Girl at Burn Bootcamp!   Wednesday, I went in and check out the place, asked all my questions and than I signedRead more

My Journey to Eating Healthier Without Dieting

I have been struggling with my diet, well I have always struggled with it and I always knew it needed to change. I decided that its better to start now than wait when it feels like its too late. I am going to make changes to my diet without dieting, I am not a fanRead more

Eating Sugar, Ending My Challenge

For 2 weeks I was doing a challenge of not consuming sugary treats during the week time. I learned a lot in those 2 weeks and I would like to share a couple things about my challenge. I was going to do a whole month of this no sugary treats but after those 2 weeksRead more