I am Not Perfect for A Reason

WHY? The biggest question that comes up when something bad happens. We start searching for the answer to that question and some directing it right to Elohim with a blaming attitude. So Why do we go through things and deal with sickness, heartache, loses, or addiction to think of a few. I am not PerfectRead more

No Tribe, That’s Alright

You probably know that one person who seemed desperate for people to like him/her? Well, I was that person and as I look back it was embarrassing. I am also that person who can’t keep a long conversation with half of the friends that I stay in contact with anymore. It always has been toughRead more

Social Media

I have 2 boys, the oldest is a 2 year old and the youngest is 2 months old. Each of those are independent to a point and normally don’t need mom for a lot of things but when my oldest wants me its when I am always “busy” on Instagram or Facebook. I thought thatRead more

My Road Blocks

When I started this blog, I was ready to share all my thought and ideas on a lot of different things in life. I felt it was a great outlet and maybe something the Yeshua was wanting me to do. I felt a pull to it and so I took a jump. Sadly, every timeRead more