I was impressed to read Isaiah a book about Prophesy as I was diving into another marathon of reading a new testament book. I went to the first page of Isaiah and dived right in maing it my morning devotional reading. Every single day since I started in August I would slowly read myself throughRead more

Counting our Blessings

This week was long and mentally draining and that is why on Shabbat I am writing a post for the Shabbat Series instead of a day or two before. Last night, I went to bed a little frustrated that I didn’t have a clean home during Shabbat. There is pans piled on the stove, dishesRead more

Shabbat, A list of Ideas

What can we do on Shabbat? I mean we can work, do household chores, go shopping or even sell anything so what is that we can do on Shabbat? Its nice not having to do anything on Shabbat that will possibly make me feel overwhelmed but sometimes we get bored or we think that weRead more

Why I Keep Shabbat

I don’t know how many times, I have been asked over the years on Why I keep Shabbat? I was very proud of the fact that I kept Shabbat and wasn’t shy about it either. So I thought I share a couple reason’s why I keep Shabbat with a couple Fun Facts. Here is aRead more