Saying No To Winter Blues

I don’t like the cold weather but this year I am going to enjoy this weather! Winter in Wisconsin physically last for about 5 months of the year,give or take. As it takes up the majority of the year I believe that I need to start enjoying the cold weather season.

I had some bad experiences with the cold weather during winter time causing me to enjoy winter here in Wisconsin. I thought about moving down south more times than I could count on my hands but I can never be able to do so since I married a man that likes the cold weather and winter.

He tells me every year that you add more clothes when it gets cold outside but you can take off only so much clothes when it gets hot outside. It’s a true statement even if I don’t want it to be.

On Facebook an article was shared by a church member about how people in Northern Norway has a mindset that you should enjoy winters and the cold. To see the beauty of the winter and all that comes with it. I thought it was a perfect reminder for me that I am to enjoy each season and what they have to offer.

Before reading that article, I did declare to myself that I was going to enjoy this season even if it isn’t my favorite. It was nice to see that other places it is the mindset to enjoy the season and the benefits of having that mindset.

I am going to try to enjoy this season instead of complaining and trying to wish that next season will be here soon.

I will try to look at the beauty of winter and the need for the season over the dreariness that might come with it or the gloomy effect that I might see. I just know that me disliking the season will just make it go slower and I will miss what is in front of me.

Photo taken with my Nikon last Winter, it has been slightly filtered with VSCO


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