Limit Spending

I have two things in my life that I have been struggling with daily both which have gotten out of control and showed me that I have no self-discipline. At this moment I am working on both but one was a challenge kinda set by my husband which was the no spending money.

I asked my husband to pick between two types of challenges and he chose No Spending for A Month. He thought it was going to be a certain way but I took it to more extreme which by the 2nd week it failed hinting that its a Limited Spending.  

He doesn’t mind that I spend money but he wants me to do it with him being around (during this challenge). It gives him a reason to go to the store with me and spend some time together. Ha, he goes to one part of the store and I hit another so I don’t understand that spending time logic.

Why Limited Spending? I was going to town almost every day to get out of the house because I was bored or just didn’t want to tackle the housework. I found that I was going for things that I “need” about everyday. I was spending more money then necessary and found myself with things that I didn’t actually need in the home. I still have a couple things in the package.

I was also going to fast food joints more then necessary and not touching the food in the fridge that was going to waste. I was noticing that I wasn’t getting the household chores because I felt like I did a lot that day when I was actually being lazy by going shopping. I was spending my husband’s hard earned money which was wasting it as it didn’t get used and possibly at goodwill. Seriously, where is the logic?

So I was on board with no spending making it more difficult than my husband was thinking that I was going to go for. I managed to do really good for the first week and then the second week I failed miserably but that isn’t going to stop me.

My goals are 1.) Save Money 2.) Shop intentionally 3.)Save Time 4.)Bring in Less things 5.)Use up what we have in the home both food and non food products 6.)Create a habit of going to the store once or twice a week instead everyday. 7.) Learn to use my time wisely instead of going to the store when bored 8.) To build up a shopping list.

I did mention that I would like to use up what I have in the home like my food and other products. I went grocery shopping and spent over $200 back in September but a couple days later I thought I didn’t have anything in the kitchen to eat when I absolutely did.

What is the Rules I set up for myself?

1.) Go shopping with my husband and only once or twice a week. Creating a list throughout the week to not buy unnecessary things like Candy.

2.) To not buy clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty or skincare products unless product is used up. To also not buy decor for the home.

3.) Buy only what we need for groceries

4.) No Fast Food Joints

I have mentioned that this last week I had failed big time but I was still very careful on what I bought. I won’t be giving up as I want this to be a long time habit as I want to save money and time. During this time that I am doing the Limited Spending Challenge since I am still spending money is that I will be decluttering my home and in hopes getting my homes more organized.

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