I Finished Burn BootCamp

I finished my time at Burn Boot Camp and I did say that I would talk about it all. Well I will like to be honest as possible about everything between my experience, thoughts, and progress. I did contemplate the idea of doing this blog post because I felt that maybe it was just worth it but if I don’t it will bother the heck out of me.


Trainers- I have been able to correct my posture since there was a trainer that would go around checking on each person to make sure that everything is okay and will correct your posture if it is off. I have been told that I can push myself which normally I wouldn’t.

Support- Being in a group setting helped me feel that I am getting the support that I needed. Women gave each other high fives or encouragement during or after a workout.

Trying Something New- It forced me to try something a couple new things working out in a group environment and body weight workouts.

Body-weight, Fast-Paced and High-Impact Workouts- I tried doing body-workouts before but gave up feeling that It didn’t work for me, so I got to give it another try. Fast-Paced, I thought that I was a person that needed to go slower as I am not that fast at things. I learned that I could go at a Faster Pace but also steady. Some of the workouts were high-impact in which makes you sweat more and that was different for me.

Sweating- The point of Burn is to Sweat and to burn of the fat in you will have to keep you heart beat. It showed me that i could push myself and keep going till I sweat and It feels good actually.

Childcare Experience-

My children actually did good in Childcare and my oldest did learn how to play with other’s without trying to show off. I did struggle with my oldest as he started to not want to go to the gym with me, and he did give me a fight. I than struggled with him as he wouldn’t want to leave the gym for he thought all the weights were for him to play with, it was a struggle to remove him from the gym.

Purely Honest Thoughts, 

My experience in general was great but I did have some personal things that I wanted to share that doesn’t exactly have to do with the people or the gym.

5 days a week for 45 minutes a day is not my thing. It interrupted my day in comparison to when I was working out at night time. I also found that my body was just getting tired more than before and manage to injure myself more. The high-impact and fast pace was not great for someone whom has a whole body that is out of place.

I missed going to the gym with my husband 3x a week for an hour, going at my own speed doing weightlifting.

In the group setting, I found myself competitive and comparing myself to others. I noticed that I was a little bit more judgement. Last a little jealous of the strong women who put their hearts and soul into the workouts.

I don’t like being competitive unless its healthy and comparing myself because well I know we are all on a journey. I don’t like being judgement and so when I noticed that I was doing it, I needed to look at the wall to remember that the women did start from somewhere and it takes time.

End Results

I lost around 2-4 lbs(it was fluctuating a lot) and 2% body fat. I gained a couple gained a little on the waist, I lost 2 inches around my butt(husband noticed), lost 3 inches around my legs(thighs) and 1 inch around my arm. I don’t feel different except a pair of pants fits loosely.

I am glad that I went through the experience at Burn Boot Camp, I have learned new things and did discover a couple things about myself. I am ready to get back in the gym after my reset and hope that I can take what I learned and put into my new workout routine.


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