Where Have I Been?

I know that I have not been blogging as much as one would like and feels that no matter how much effort I put in my articles it seems to never get up in my blog. Well around here the weeks have been crazy and it doesn’t seem to ever slow down. So let’s catch up shall we.

I have been sick for two weeks now along with my boys Jake and Adam in which I am so over this sickness and want my family to feel better, by the way its just a headcold. The boys at the moment are happy but doesn’t seem to get a break and it sucks to see them the way they are.My husband came down with this cold and he got it hard. I have found it frustrating that my husband could take take a bath and a nap more than I could rest in a week.

My computer decided that it needed to shut down for a update on Windows 10 and never get past the restart page that last for 4 to 5 days(lost count). Last Thursday, I took it to my father in which reset my computer to factory mode, I had found myself with a fresh start! I am happy though that everything is backed up on disc and in hope will be able to slowly add things back on the computer. In the process will probably but dauntly weed through my stuff.

I found that in my home life, I am trying to catch up on cleaning around my place as for 8 weeks during Burn Bootcamp Commit2Fit that I had let so many things slide around my home. Creating a Schedule has helped a tons and not going anywhere also helps.

We did have the Fall Feast that happened in such a short time this fall in which things got all messed up but I am glad that I had a good amount of days off. Things didn’t go exactly like I wish it did but I have a sick family plus my home has been under some paint updates and mother-n-law kinda is in charge of how things go when it comes to days off for the feast. I will be planning ahead and getting something more prepared for next year in hopes of less craziness.

I had found myself in a no spending challenge around here, and I will talk about that soon on my blog. I decided that I needed to reset my spending habits and get less stuff in my home. Along with the no spending challenge, a decluttering challenge has also started. I have started a pile of things that I no want in my home in which I have homes with family, friends or the lovely goodwill store.

As I am trying to catch up on my blog post and fixing a couple bugs in my website, I will be slowly be posting in which I have a lot of articles to go up in the next couple weeks. So Stay Tuned for those. At the moment I need to get back to my fussy children and pasturizing milk.

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