I was impressed to read Isaiah a book about Prophesy as I was diving into another marathon of reading a new testament book. I went to the first page of Isaiah and dived right in maing it my morning devotional reading. Every single day since I started in August I would slowly read myself through the book and highlight everything that I deemed important. I have a colorful bible!


“Hearken unto me , ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of the revilings.” Isaiah 51:7

I always bypassed the book unless to use as a source for another topic that I was writing about or studying. I just deemed it to be prophesy with a little encouragment amongst the writings. I made sure to read it with an open mind and to let it speak to me as it needed to. It spoke to me for it started changing me in many different ways.

What I learned? I found that it is a powerful book that you can connect to your life today. The wisdom in his words as he is warning and judging the kings during the time, was also speaking wisdom and warning. I started seeing how selfish I was becoming and lacking as a mother.

I noticed the days that I needed encouragement, I was finding it among the prophetic, warning or judgemental scripture. I noticed that my faith was becoming stronger and unwavering during the time of reading the Book of Isaiah.

Before I started reading the book of Isaiah, I had someone tell me that they stopped reading the new testament because it was contradicting the Torah and that Yeshua didn’t do what was called do. I was baffled, but didn’t have the evidence layed out saying that Yes, Yeshua did do what he was prophesied.

As I got deeper in Isaiah, I read and read everything that was prophesied about Yeshua and his plan on this earth and after. It is prophesied clearly what his life was to be like on earth and what was to happen to him, it also speaks of the new earth and what was also to happen before that New Jerusalem comes to this earth. Which to be honest, I thought that was only spoke in daniel and revalation. I was wrong on that.

I will be diving into a new book today and I pray that it is as impactful as Isaiah. I encourage you to dive into Isaiah even if you feel that it might not be relatable to your life today. You might never know how much is impactful it could be on your life.


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