Things need to Change

For weeks, I just felt that something was off, as if I was no longer balanced. I mean there is no such things as being balanced in our life, oh was I wrong! I was so unbalanced that I was getting burned out. I noticed in my children, my body, attitude and home.


As I said it took me weeks to finally make a couple changes and to take full realization to what was happening. There was many signs from Yeshua that I needed to re-evaluate my life. What made me realize that my life was unbalanced and what did I do to start changing it.


Signs that I was Not Balanced 

My Oldest Son wasn’t Listening, I know that my son was a Toddler but he consistently wasn’t listening to me. He was able to listen to his father or others better. He ran in the middle of the road and almost got hit but I am very blessed that the Driver was paying attention. I was trying to get my son’s attention and run after him but doing so with my youngest in my arms was not the easiest.

Six hours of data usage in a Day, I checked my phone and how much time I was spending on my apps which came up to being 6 hours total in the day. Funny, I don’t have anything productive to show from it. There is 24 hours in a day and 8 hours of sleep, 6 hours through out my day was on my phone.

Facebook Post, It took a Facebook Post from a Stay at home mom of 8 children to show me that I was missing something. She pointed out a couple things that I was lacking as a mom and what my attitude has become. My mind set was no longer where it should have been.

Getting Burned Out, I was putting too focus on many of the projects that was being done in the home.I was placing too much time in many different aspects of my life but not enough in other parts were really important. I was heading to the gym every day for 45 minutes with realization that my body was not happy with it and just burned out.

Nothing was getting Done, No matter how much I was doing things at home with any of the projects, chores, fitness/ health and social media. I wasn’t seeing any results. I mean there was 5 laundry baskets in our bedroom with no clothes actually folded, that sat there for weeks.


Stepping Back 

What did I need to step back from?

Social Media, 6 hours a day on social media with not actual productive outcome from it. I had to take a long needed break from it.

Fitness and Health, It was on my mind more than I needed. I was going every day to the gym and in the end I was burned out and my bad knee is hurting.

Home Projects, I had to many projects going on and was taking up my time that could have spent with my children. The projects was occupying all my time which pushed my children next and the household chores last.

“Me” Time, Its alright to have a little “me” time especially if the day is hectic but too much isn’t the greatest. I was wasting a good amount of time that should have been spent with my husband or the household chores.

There is sometimes too much of a good thing and can be very harmful and unhealthy for a person. It is good to take notice of what is happening to our priorities and how they are changing. I am ashamed how much things were getting out of wack around here. Next week I will be writing about my priorities and where they are at now and how my goals have changed.














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