3 Weeks at Burn!

I am onto four weeks at Burn Bootcamp! I did say that I was going to talk about my experience, how I am feeling and the changes that has happened.I did write on how my first day experience what to expect when you go to Burn.

3 Weeks at Burn Bootcamp!

1st Week- I started on a Friday with a a partner. I left so sweaty and feeling the burn wondering what I got myself into. It was my first time having my boys into a childcare where my son yelled and stole toys. Monday and Tuesday was a little bit easier for me but it was still something to get used too.

My son was also getting used to things, he did push someone down and bit someones finger.

My boys were sick the rest of the week so we weren’t able to go, and I also got sick.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to take it slower and ask questions about anything that you are confused about workout or routine. The ladies will answer questions to help you along.

2nd Week- I was ready to be back in the gym, I was even craving it! I switch to the Burn gym that was closer to me, it only takes me less than 10 minutes to the gym compare to the 30 minutes.

I went ever single day, my body was sore and I was ready for a rest day. I love the atmosphere at the gym and I felt like quitting but did not. They do have modifications if you have issues that will be impacted by the workout.

Tips: Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to say if you have issues(ex. bad knee or bad back). They will modify to me sure your aren’t in any pain.

I didn’t see any changes in my body since it was only 2 weeks. I did notice that I had more energy. I was able to push myself more than before and I am not afraid to sweat.

I am Still going to the gym with my hubby 3x a week, If I have the energy to do so. I am pretty much going for hubby but ended up putting more into the running than I thought I would. I am not a person whom runs long distance or a long time. I haven’t made it past 5 minutes before on the treadmill but ended up running for 11:20.

I was so sweating and I felt like Jello but noticed that I was able to push the boundaries that were holding me back previously.

I also noticed that I have more confidence in myself and feeling myself getting out of my comfort zone!

3 weeks- It was a short week since there was no childcare on Labor Day! I felt that I wasn’t able to into the workouts after a long weekend. I kept pushing through and feel that some days I feel the burn and sweat and others not as much. I did need to go the chiropractor after one of the workouts and my body was in a much needed adjustment.

Tip: High Impact workouts can bother those that have back issues and see a chiropractor, don’t let that stop you. See the chiropractor a little bit more until your back is used to the impact.

My boy during these 3 weeks have changed also. He is treating others with better respect and there hasn’t been any incidents which makes this mama happy.


As I went through the 2nd and 3rd week, I moved my time up 8:30 for working out. It helps me get moving for the day and when I am done without the workouts, I am able to get more things done for the day.

I am going on 4 weeks and my goal is start working on my nutrition which is a major thing that I want to work on. I will be setting up a Focus meeting that will help me get on a better track!

Note: I chose Burn over BeachBody because I can’t workout in my home, I lack motivation. My son needed to be able to have time with other children to help him with social skills. I also deal with anxiety and getting out of the house helps me in ways than being at home.


I am sorry that this has taken long to be posted but life sure gets crazy around here. I am hoping to be more frequent on the updates in the future along this journey. I am still enjoying this and not regretting spending the $99 dollars to get into shape.


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