Cleaning My Kitchen!

I am standing in the mess of a kitchen. Oh the anxiety of cleaning such a mess. I am about ready to tackle it.

I don’t seem to cook a healthy meal in a dirty kitchen. I feel more stressed and can’t seem to tackle the rest of the day. I feel guilty as my husband will walk in the door to see a mess.

So let’s set the Timer!

The dirty kitchen I am Tackling…

I needed to get the dishes done first since it was the toughest task to get done. I managed to wash, dry and put away the dishes a little after the time went off by 10 minutes.

I took things off the counter that didn’t belong and put them in their proper places. It seems that the kitchen always collects random things!

I had to get to organizing the cup cabinets as I wasn’t able to fit all of my son’s bottles and parts in the cabinet.

I ended up cleaning off the fridge, clearing away the clutter. I was going to clean the microwave but don’t have lemon juice.

End Results!

I still got the microwave and some cabinets to organize but I feel I can now cook a healthy meal. It only took me over hour to do it all but worth it.

Next week, I’ll write on How I organize my kitchen to function for me!

When I have a clean kitchen, I am able to put more time in meal making. I am able to eat healthier and my seem go smoother than if I have a dirty kitchen. I also less stressed when my husband comes home.

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