I am Human

I have separated my life from many people because I needed to become my own person. I have felt the toxicity that was in the air and I didn’t need that in my life. I know that I am different from the girl that people knew a couple years ago. I had stopped living my life to please people around me and when I did that I felt the world being lifted off my shoulders.

You don’t have to accept my lifestyle, how I parent my children, or my attitude. You can at least respect that it is my life and that I am not going to change for anyone. I will respect that you have chosen the lifestyle that you live because that is the life that you chose but I don’t have to partake in it especially if its against my believes.  We are Human!

I live my life for Yeshua not for man. I don’t live my life to please those around me. How I raise my children is not anyone else decision but between my husband and I. I am not abusing my boys and they are getting abundant amount of love. If you feel that they are sheltered, well so what. They don’t need to be part of the world. I don’t want them going down the same road as me.

My children are a major part of my life! That means if I am in public, I will be focusing on taking care of them the best that I can. That might seem to you as If I am ignoring you well maybe I am but I might actually consumed by taking care of my children. If you want to catch up, why not start the conversation. I have been told that I need to start the conversations but that can get tiring especially if I don’t know if the person actually wants to talk to me.

Yes, I am stubborn! The only people I am not stubborn around is my little family. I don’t need to bow down to what they world thinks I should be doing. I might even have a little attitude! I am Human!

I made my mistakes in the past and they were major mistakes. I have been under the devils thumbs before and have done things that were painful to myself and others. Even if I ask for forgiveness, it still haunts me in many ways. I have burned many bridges but who hasn’t. I am Human!

I have judged those that shouldn’t needed my judging. I have said things to hurt people without realizing and I know I am not the only person who has done that. I know that I have put those done when I should be building them up. Even if I am trying to judge anyone, I mentally make my comments and I do feel guilty. I am Human!

I am Sorry for being human, for making the mistakes that I have made. I am sorry that I hurt those that I did. I am sorry for burning the bridges that I have done. I am trying to be the best person that I can be. I know that I fail more than I like. I know that there is many lessons that Yeshua wants me to learn.

I am human and I will do humanly things. I am not that innocent about the actions that I have made. I wish that I could erase the past, the actions and the words but I can’t. I don’t try to hold on to my past and hold it against anyone and hope that no one does that.

I AM HUMAN, STUBBORN, BOLD AND A FIGHTER! If you ask I will be straightforward in what I think or believe. You will probably judge and critique my life but that is O.K. I might be doing the same thing. I will respect your life in hopes that you will respect mine. Don’t worry I know that you will get of this blog and think all kind of things.


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