Thrift Shopping The Negative Thoughts Away

It was time to go thrift shopping with out the boys, I needed time to myself and get rid of some of these negative thoughts. I know that shopping isn’t an answer but dang its the greatest therapy session next to going to the gym. The fact is only thrift shopping was going to help me in this situation.

Thrift Shopping The Negative Thoughts Away

In the past 4 months, I  have been focusing on my children, home, and health/fitness. When it comes to looking good and putting effort in my appearance has been on the short end of the stick and it hasn’t been the lack of trying. It has been a new type of anxiety for me than I have experienced caused by many different things.

“NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! You are not being modest enough, you aren’t going to be able to run in those heals, you aren’t going to be able to nurse your little boy in that dress. That belly, hip dips and big thighs won’t look good in that and no one wants to see that. To much makeup and is it even worth your time, and conservatives don’t wear jewelry. Hubby doesn’t care for dresses and skirts so why is worth wearing them.

Dresses/skirts, heals, makeup and jewelry was put on the back burner. I started wearing my husband’s shirt and sweatshirt to church. I was wearing jeans and my dirty cowboy boots. I would put on some makeup but didn’t take my time. I was dressing to be comfortable and was being frustrated at myself and what I was becoming.

I was bowing down to my anxiety and letting myself go. There might not be anyone who actually cares how I dress but does that matter, no! I care how I dress especially for special events and church. I believe that taking time in my appearance is important. I might not be body confident all the time but that doesn’t mean I need to stop being myself.

I decided the best way to start taking care of my appearance was head to a couple thrift stores. I went to Goodwill and Plato’s closet with a goal of a couple nice pieces and I hit that goal. I even went out of my comfort zone and got more colorful pieces. I did make sure not to get jeans because I had enough of them.

My Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store Finds, I thought I would show you my treasure!

When I went to the store I needed to make sure that I had an open mind. I had gotten rid of the skirts and dresses that I had while I was frustrated. I need to be ready to get things that were out of my comfort zone. While I was shopping the negative thoughts were being pushed aside which was the goal. I decided that I was shopping not to make everyone happy but myself. I know greedy.

When it comes clothes, my modesty checklist needs to taken care of not everyone else’s. I love wearing dresses/skirts and heals, I will keep wearing them even if they are not my husband’s favorite. I decided that wearing makeup to others might be too much but I enjoy it especially if I don’t always wear it.

I might be a mom but I don’t need to dress like it all the time. Treating myself to a couple pieces of clothing to help me a little bit isn’t a bad thing. Especially if I am trying to dress nice for my family and For Yeshua for I believe he cares.




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