Homemaking: What the Summer Lacked and Gained

Its almost school time which means that its technically fall about to start. The weather here in Wisconsin is getting cooler which I am not ready for. What I am ready for is to get back into the groove of things.Homemaking_ Getting Back in the Groove

This past summer many things have gotten either out of control, forgotten or pushed aside. I did start a couple things this summer that I wish I did all along. What is some major things that make up homemaking that I didn’t or did do and what I learned from not doing some of the important things of Homemaking.

Didn’t Do! I was out of touch with MEAL PLANNING no matter how much I had the intentions of doing it. I found that because the summer days were long and hot I didn’t want to put a lot of effort in making food. My husband would be working long hours and not get into the house until it was near 7 pm which by then my oldest and I ate our meal. I don’t think that I we ate together about 60% of the time. When I didn’t have a meal plan prepared I didn’t know what to eat, and I didn’t make a decent or healthy meal for the family.

Did for a week! I have tried MEAL PREPPING before and didn’t like it since it was a one type of meal for the rest of the week. This time around I decided to prep individual foods that would be used in meals any time of the day. It made making meals faster, easier and less stressful especially with having 2 children.

Did Do! I never thought I would be BAKING BREAD like I watched my grandma did when I was living with her. I enjoyed the fluffy fresh bread that came out of the oven and felt that it was healthier. I know what I am putting in my bread and I know that it doesn’t have any preservatives.  I find that I am eating more sandwiches and making sure that I am getting more fibers in my diet.

Didn’t Do! I enjoy a CLEAN KITCHEN, it sets the tone of how my day is going to turn out. I discovered if I don’t have a clean kitchen than I am not going to make proper meals, meal prep or make bread. I find that a dirty kitchen makes me feel overwhelmed and than I don’t get anything done that is on my workload list.

Didn’t Do! Oh I didn’t BUDGET this summer like I needed to and it showed. I spent so much money this summer especially the month of July. For the size of our family I normally only spend about $1,200 a month. For the month of the month of June and July I went over that and I didn’t make me feel great. For the Month of August I had to reset my spending and even though I didn’t make it under the budget amount but I didn’t make close to overspending like the other months. I will be adjusting my budget amount and in hope that we can keep to it.

I know that I let many things go to wayside during this summer, and all of them were very important. I might not be ready for fall to be here but I ready to get back to these important things of Homemaking.




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