Burn Bootcamp

I felt the burn and man did it feel great. I took the plunge and signed up for burn boot camp and I am very happy with my decision. Today was the New Girl at Burn Bootcamp!

I Crushed My First Burn Bootcamp!


Wednesday, I went in and check out the place, asked all my questions and than I signed up on a whim. Normally, I talk it over with my hubby first and contemplate it for a bit than never do it. What sold me to do a Bootcamp that is in the long run is more expensive than anything I have ever done. Well I’ll tell you about my first day and you might see why.

I got there pretty early as I didn’t know how long it was actually going to take me to get to the gym. My son was actually pretty excited even though I was nervous since my boy is a little country man that can be well uncivilized (I am still working on taming him). I was able to sign the papers to have both my boys to be in the child’s room. I was less nervous as my boys seems to be content with their situation.

I waited until the trainer was ready to see consultation to talk about my background and fitness goals. She also took my weight, fat percentage(I think that is what she did) and measurements. She told me how things worked in the gym and I was becoming less nervous and more ready for the workout.

I was partnered up with someone that was a veteran to help me along the workout. e trainer also came around and showed me how to do the workouts if I needed, which I Thdid need. She explained each workout which was hard to follow along since I was taking everything in, plus the music was pretty hard to listen.

Everyone go on the floating floor and you started with the sumo squats than into half Burpees and I felt like I was going to die doing this. For me, I never got to the burn part of my workouts, I was never sweating by the end of the workout so I new this would be the first.

We were told what the workout was to be and how to do them, which was tough for me to follow, the also have it written on the board.  There was 5 workouts that we were to be doing, about 12 reps each and after you did workout you moved on but here is the kicker. Since we were all to be partnered up, one partner would be doing burpees until the person that was doing the workout was done. Oh did it BURN!

By the time that we were done, I felt that I needed to roll in snow to cool off. We weren’t exactly done until you did wall sits with or without weights in your lap while the other person was doing bicep curls(20 reps) than you switched off. You would do that until the trainer said done. That I really felt the BURN! I haven’t done wall sits in a long time.

We did some stretch to cool off while the trainer told us what was happening the next day or an event that was coming up. I was sweating pretty good and was curious how my son was doing in the child’s room. I did noticed that I couldn’t hear anything that was happening in the other room from the music that was playing and I didn’t see my oldest running out of the room so we must of been good.

Since I was new, I got my picture taken with a board saying that I finished my first camp. I will be going back until the 6 week program is done.

I changed into jeans since I needed to get stuff from Target and went into the Child’s room to pick up my 2 boys. My oldest looked like he was playing nicely and my youngest was in the car seat with an older boy playing with him to keep him calm. I did ask how my boy behaved and nothing surprises me on how he acts.

The report for that was: he doesn’t have volume control so he yelled a couple time and he hit another child a couple times. Which is why I chose to do this, my oldest doesn’t know how to share and he is uncivil no matter how much I work with him on it. In hopes that maybe he can slowly correct his bad habits in the Children’s room as he is playing with other children.

Next week I will be going 5 days out of the week and will be meeting with the trainer to talk about nutrition. I also needed to download a fitness tracker to report what I have been eating.

I will keep you all updated on everything goes on this new journey of mine. Funny thing, I will be going to the gym two times a day since my hubby wants to go at night on the regular days.

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