Spring/ Summer Reading List!

Spring and Summer time, were I am ready to dive in some good non-fiction books! I will have a lot of time to read since I will be nursing a little one and in hope I will put down my phone and spend some time in a book. Not all these books are towards motherhoodRead more

Weekend In Wisconsin!

I believe that there is a thing called Staycation which honestly I have never heard of until a year ago!! I must have never been on a real vacation my whole by the definition of Staycation. We live by La Crosse Wisconsin by the Mississippi River and we needed to take a trip to theRead more

Bible Challenge Into Daily Habit

I did a 20 Day Bible Reading Challenge! To see if I could start a good Habit that would help my relationship with God. Lets see how it has changed me! Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash December 9th, 2018- Was the day that I started my 20 Day Bible Reading Challenge, I found the plan onlineRead more

Story Time! Embarrassing Moments

Everyone has embarrassing, awkward, and “what was I thinking” moments and when we look back on them sometimes we just want to hide ourselves in a hole like an Ostrich. Throughout my childhood I was that awkward child that would say or do anything without being very bashful. I would try so desperately to beRead more

Spring Cleaning Week 2!

The second week of Spring Cleaning in my home in preparations of Passover and the Baby! This week was a little tougher for me. This week everything that I did the week before has been cluttered up by a 2 year old, life as a mom! I lost a lot of my energy this weekRead more